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Favorite Things: Languages

Languages are a game. Like any worthy pastime, rules must be memorized, skill and mastery come only with diligent practice. There is also the thrill that comes with 'winning' - the pleasure of a successful communication exchange with another person, and the chance to more deeply experience another culture. My languages of choice:


(tongue of the angels)

My undergraduate major. A fantastically predictable, almost geometric grammar that lets you accurately "make up" words you've never used before.

The language that kicked off a lifelong obsession with languages. Studied formally for six years in secondary school, followed by extensive personal study. Still the easiest language for me, perhaps because I learned it when still young. It's proven a handy key to easy interpretation of other romance languages, like Italian and Portuguese.

I first approached French in 2001, when my husband suggested a biking excursion in France. I will admit to having had some initial reservations about French, all of which were quickly set aside. French is such a complex, subtle language. We've now returned to France several times to bike and hike, and my love for the language (and food) grows with every visit. Currently utilizing Podcasts to improve listening skills.


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