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Photo Albums


Nov 2008

...wherein Koda joins the gang.

Bonus video (for puppy lovers only):large (640x480) or small (240x180px)

 ...wherein Mom and Carol explore the northern regions of Mexico, and meet a doll named Maria.

June 2008

...wherein Mom and Carol beach hop for an afternoon.

June 2008

...wherein Joseph and Carol conquer the Matterhorn.
NC Visit
May 2008
Katy Trail March 2008
...wherein Joseph and Carol cycle 200 miles along the Katy Trail and fall in love with Missouri.



Mom in MO Nov 2007
...wherein Mom visits the über-hip 64093 zip code, just to spend Turkey Day with us!

50th Anniversary Aug 2007

...wherein the Armetta gang gets together to celebrate a milestone in Joseph and Patty's life - their 50th wedding anniversary!

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NY Reunion
June 2007
..wherein the gang of Hauppauge High gets together (along with some junior honorary members!) on a beautiful Long Island day.

Switzerland photos
June 2007

...wherein Joseph and Carol explore Geneva and Lausanne, and hike 80 miles in the Franco-Swiss Jura range, all the while communing with some super- friendly bovines.

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New Home
June 2007
...wherein Joseph and Carol find permanent digs. We close August 27th. Come visit us this fall!

Branson photos
May 2007

...wherein Mom, Sue, Carol and Joseph ride ducks, see racing pigs, ostrich cowboys, the Beatles (aaaggghhh!) and plenty more - all in one week!

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Katy Trail Fall 2006 ...wherein Joseph, Moki, Pye and Carol commence sauntering along the 225-mile Katy Trail, the longest rails-to-trails path in the nation.
Moving to MO
Sep 2006
...wherein Carol and Joseph say goodbye MT, hello MO, and do a whole lotta packin', loadin' and drivin'.

NY BBQ Aug 2006

...wherein Luanne hosts a lovely BBQ, we get reacquainted with NYC, and end our trip with a yummy dockside dinner. Thanks for a great visit, Lu!

NY Wedding Aug 2006

...wherein Nicholas and Abigail get hitched, and the rest of us dance the night away.
Jul 2006
...wherein Stephanie, Ashley, Pye, Carol and (sometimes) Joseph get mosquito-bitten, sun-burned, muscle-sore, and completely pb&j'd!


Jun 2005
...wherein Joseph and Carol run about Paris and backpack through Provence.
Sep 2005
...wherein Susan and Carol climb mountains, float rivers, scout for bison and backpack in the Bitterroots.


Jan 2004
...wherein Mom invites Joe and I along on a cruise to Mexico and Belize! We read, played, relaxed, and ate our way to a state of contentment we call "cruise control".
AZ Visit
Mar 2004
...wherein Luanne, Susan and Carol all converge on Mom's home, and explore the Grand Canyon.
Moki & Pye
May 2004
...wherein Smokey (aka "Moki") and Pye go on a spring jaunt up Kootenai Creek.
Oct 2004
...wherein Joseph and Lori play a gig at Hot Springs, MT, dressed as zombie pioneers. Carol goes zombie as well, while Paul opts for biker garb.
NC Xmas
Dec 2004
...wherein Joseph and Carol spend a cheery Christmas with the family in Charlotte, and meet Michael, Mary and Joseph's new little brother.


Jan 2003
...wherein Carol visits Mom in her brand new home in Surprise, AZ, and they and their "two Joes" take an excursion to Jerome.
NC Visit
Mar 2003
...wherein Joseph and Carol visit Joe's family in sunny Charlotte, NC, and meet Joseph, Mary's new little brother.
Aug 2003
...wherein Carol and Joseph bike their way through the Cantabrian and Asturian regions of northern Spain, and explore La Rambla of Barcelona.
Stud Girls
Oct 2003
...wherein Lori, Carol, Willie and Moki traverse the Bitterroots on a glorious 3-day backpack trip.


random sightings
- 2008 -

Jan 5: 60 degrees out! (beneficial side effects of GW)

- 2007 -

April 28: Weekly saunter

April 15: Weekly saunter

random sightings
- 2006 -

July 2: Puppies in Canada!
(photo credit: Jeanine Woods)

June 23: MT American Legion

April 22: Hiking at Blue Mountain

April 22: The boys!

April 16: Childhood home of Norman Maclean ('A River Runs Through It'), Missoula, MT

April 10: Chicken Pot Pie!


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