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Professional Experience

2006 - current James C. Kirkpatrick Library, U. of Central Missouri - Warrensburg, MO

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- BUSINESS LIBRARIAN (October, 2006 - present)
(May, 2007 - present)

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2001 - 2004 US Investigations Services, Inc. - Missoula, MT

Formerly a U.S. federal agency, USIS supplies pre-employment screening services to over 90% of the federal government, including services critical to United States security. They are also the second-largest supplier of commercial background checks in the United States, processing over 10,000 domestic and international criminal record searches per day.

(September, 2003-August, 2004)
ACTING GENERAL MANAGER (June, 2003-August, 2003)
OPERATIONS MANAGER (May, 2001-May, 2003)

After the acquisition of DDI, continued under two-year contract in a dual role as Operations Manager and Sales Director for the division. Following a brief succession as acting General Manager for the 60-employee division, traveled extensively in role of Director of Wholesale Accounts, to expand and secure the company’s critical wholesale client base. Recognized at quarterly corporate meeting for highest account closures in a single month - $200K in new monthly gross revenue. Left USIS in August, 2004 to pursue graduate studies full-time.

1995 - 2001 Due Diligence Inc. - Missoula, MT

Founded in late 1994, Due Diligence, Inc. was a highly successful startup company that provided nationwide court records retrieval services for the emerging pre-employment background screening industry. Company was acquired in May, 2001 by US Investigations Services, Inc. (USIS).

SALES DIRECTOR (2000-2001)

Primary V.P. responsibilities included the management and coordination of all operations departments, and improvement of the company’s overall operating efficiency. Beyond these fundamental roles, duties ranged widely, allowing me to flexibly serve the changing needs of a rapidly growing company. As sales director, became additionally responsible for establishing new clients, and served as the principal company contact for all significant accounts. Other responsibilities included development of new products, research and acquisition of public agency databases, and the monitoring of pending legislation, emerging court technologies and other public records access issues affecting our industry. I was DDI’s first employee, and remained with the company until it sold in May, 2001 for $6 million dollars. Playing a leading role in the company’s extraordinary success remains one of my proudest life accomplishments.

Major achievements include:

  • Management: Member of a three-person executive team that grew a small public records research firm into a 50-employee, $6 million company (1995-2001).
  • Product Research & Development: Headed expansion of company’s information services from 5 to 40 products (1998), a key factor in company’s 30%+ growth rate (1998-2001).
  • Data Acquisition: Managed ongoing transition from manual public records research to electronic access, in step with emerging court technologies (1995-2001).

1989-1995 Northville Industries Corp. - Melville, NY

Northville Industries is a private corporation, which operates major oil storage facilities and distribution operations for crude oil products in the New York Harbor area.

COMMODITY FUTURES TRADER (1993-1995, Stevensville, MT)

Joined Northville Industries as a contract coordinator, drafting all contractual communications for physical oil transactions. After one year, promoted to assistant energy futures trader, aiding the company’s lead energy futures trader in high volume order placement. Trained on NYMEX trading floor. In 1993, transferred to Northville’s new Montana-based office, as key member of an effort to develop and exploit proprietary trading systems. In conjunction with mathematicians in Oxford, Cambridge and Los Alamos National Laboratories, we designed several technical trading systems based upon advanced, non-linear mathematics. In additional to participating in systems design, performed statistical analysis of system output and traded the systems real-time. While ultimately not a successful venture, it did qualify as an exciting life experience

1988 - 1989 Toyomenka (America) Inc. - New York, NY

Toyomenka, now known as Tomen America, Inc., is one of the world’s largest commodity trading companies, with its parent company based in Japan.


Fully supported the market activities of two oil commodity futures traders. Functions included account margining, maintenance of brokerage accounts, drafting contracts for physical oil transactions. Directly responsible to Tokyo head office for profit/loss bookkeeping, equity statement reconciliation, commodity account records and cash account minimization.



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